Tuesday, March 30, 2010

random feelings....

Might be the reason that I've not been in a relationship for a period,
I've forget whats the feeling of love or admire.
Being in a relationship for 2 years and more
going through all the sweetness and bitter together
indulging ourselves in the river of love really had blinded us.

getting a new life being single again isn't easy at first
but luckily i still have supportive friends around me
accompany me when I'm alone
cheer me up when i look tired or sad.

Also thanks to the hectic assignments and projects
which turn me around all the time...
which also help me in forgetting such depressing story
that also did help me learn to be independent and strong

I confess that I'm a very clumsy girl
everyone knows that i guess...
getting things screwed up or repeating the clumsiness all the time
I'm still adapting to overcome it, becoming more careful

But whenever i fall, whenever i fail,
i realize that there's no one here by my side
to comfort me when I'm in pain
but there's many people around me caring as a friend

His say was right i think
that I'm kinda like "protected species"
that's why he will take care of me most of the time
but still I'm clumsy and trouble him all the time

Another person's say was absolutely important to me
that i need to learn to be independent
cos he will never be with me anymore to solve all my problems
therefore i really need to start all over again

it started hard, slowly, slowly getting used to it..
the two main pillars in my uni life
who gave me lots of strength and courage
who lead me to who i am today.

not forgetting my parents who keep asking bout my health
I'm worried too.. what else for them??
no worries, I've plan to settle it soon
actually will be after my finals, during semester break.. sobs..

and to all my friends, thanks for all the support that you gave
i really appreciate everyone of you, especially the crazy girl.
you know who you are, keep doing crazy things with me in uni...
cheers for single, cheers for our friendship, cheers for FINAL... no...

To Be Continue, [tired, lazy to write]

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